Paddy’s New Year Reflection

2016 has been a pretty rubbish year for me, but something very special happened right at the start of it. A group of aging overweight ex rugby players decided to set themselves a challenge to cycle 110 miles in a day and raise some money for good causes along the way. Pretty soon we were joined by many others of all abilities and ages. The Old Farts were born! 12 months later and we've raised around £30k and donated to many causes and are planning our next challenge in June 2017. Good friendships were strengthened and new ones made by all who were involved. From that point of view 2016 was in fact a very good year, one of the best of my life actually. I'm very proud of my own achievement, but also of all those involved. If you'd like to do something special in 2017, why not join us? Dont bother making resolutions you wont stick to, be a part of something truly worthwhile. There's no age restriction nor is it exclusive to blokes.....everyone is welcome. The Old Farts is more a state of mind than a statement of fact. 😁

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