Old Farts Announce Fundraising Beneficiaries

Matthew Sheehan

Matthew had already been diagnosed with a condition which made him unable to walk properly without aid and was said by his father to be “so unsteady on his feet that he would fall over if you blew on him”. He never left his flat without his walking crutch, but he had no time to get it or the glasses he wore when he was attacked by a man who lived across the road who started banging and kicking his front door that morning, He was left for dead and would have died without treatment and monitoring at the University Hospital of Wales. Matthew was put on a ventilator and into an induced coma and an MRI scan showed traumatic brain injury. He subsequently developed seizures and some two months later, was still able to breath unaided for only 15 minutes each hour. Today, he still requires regular treatment and has shown little progress for several months. He is unlikely to ever live independently again. To donate please click here

Daisy Wyatt

Daisy is a young Lady who was suffering from Cancer a battle which has been very difficult for her and her family to deal with since July 2015, It is now with a heavy heart that we have to announce the passing away of Daisy our 14 year old beautiful girl that we were trying to help.

We would like to send our deepest condolences to Daisy's Mum Sarah and all of her family, who loved her so much and who with her when she passed.

Although none of us met Daisy, she truly gave us a huge boost, especially when things got tough up those sharp and long hills and the old bodies creaked.

Daisy you will now give us even more strength on our journey to help your fellow sufferers and your lovely family.

Rest in Peace Daisy

All of your "Old Farts" xx

To donate please please please click here

Harri Gillen

Harri, is the lovely 6 year old son of Liz and Lee. In November 2014 his parents discovered a lump on his left forearm, they instinctively knew that something was wrong. Following investigations Harri was diagnosed with a rhabdomyosarcoma tumour. This is an extremely rare and aggressive cancer that only affects a small number of children in the UK each year. Harri has already endured gruelling treatment to fight this cancer including chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.
Harri started treatment in December 2014, and initially seemed to respond well to it. Sadly in July 2016 the family received the devastating news that the tumour had returned following a year in remission resulting in more chemotherapy, radiotherapy and further surgery to remove the second tumour.
Lee (his dad) works reduced hours to support his family. Any monies raised would significantly help to ensure that both parents were available to take Harri to his appointments, be with him during long hospital stays and care for him at home whilst also meeting all of Ellie's needs. The family would also like to put the money towards making a few of Harri's wishes come true.
As well as the many initial side effects that could potentially effect Harri during treatment there are also many long-term effects to Harri’s health and well-being. Any remaining funds will be placed in a fund for Harri to help him overcome any of these effects in the future. To donate please click here

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